Sunday, July 5, 2009

Preview: Episode 4

Yo check it.

I thought I put up a little preview for the episode we are gonna record tomorrow. Shhh don't tell Rob, but I'm putting up the Game for episode 4 so you can play along. See how you do compared to Rob and listen to find out the answers. Look for Episode 4 on Wednesday and if you want to get your (hat)E-Mails read on air, send them in before tomorrow night at Have Fun.
or not. whateva

The Whore-a, The Horror

Pick which Horror film the actresses below were in.

1) Jennifer Aniston:
a) The Fly
b) The Leprechaun
c) Demonic Toys
D) Childs Play

2) Katherine Heigel:
A) Nightmare on Elm Street 2
B) Friday the 13th 2
C) Scream 2
D) Bride of Chucky

3) Charlize Theron
A) Prom Night
B) Children of the Corn 3
C) Ghoulies 3
D) They Live

4) Jamie Lee Curtis
A) Halloween
B) Poltergeist
C) The Hills Have Eyes
D) Candyman

5) Demi Moore-Willis-Kutcher
A) Munchies
B) Parasite
C) The Hitcher
D) Halloween 4

6) Michelle Williams
A) Species
B) Childs Play 3
C) Jason X
D) Jaws: The Revenge

7) Phoebe Cates
A) Psycho 2
B) Evil Dead 2
C) Gremlins
D) Troll

8) Eliza Dushku
A) Sole Survivors
B) Urban Legends
C) The Grudge
D) The Ring

9) Elisha Cuthbert
A) The House on Haunted Hill
B) House of Wax
C) Children of the Corn 4
D) Scary Movie 2

10) Shannon Elizabeth
A) 13 Ghosts
B) Jack Frost
C) Scary Movie
D) Cursed

Just an excuse to put some skin on this blog

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