Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Episode 7: Vanetcha

Yo, check it. In the continuing adventures of the main characters (Tim and Robby), they are reunited and oh boy does it feel so good. This time the two of them together contemplate nick shows part 2, Jo Jonas, whoever he is, A's, B's, C's, D's, and DD's, also a special guest stops by to drop some mad rhymes. Oh yeah Robby talks about jacking it a lot also. Enjoy...or not. Whateva

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2 GUYS, 1 CUPsize
To play alone at home, please look at the pictures below of the celebrities and guess their bra sizes. 1 point if you get the letter right, an additional 2 points if you get the number right. Hint: the numbers are even and range from 32-38. Listen to the podcast for the correct answers...or not.
Britney Spears
Ashley Tisdale
Vanessa Hudgens
Selena Gomez
Miley Cyrus
Hannah MontanaMegan FoxSoleil Moon Frye (before)Soleil Moon Frye (after)Nicole RichieParis Hilton

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