Friday, May 13, 2011

Episode 68: All By Himself

Hi and welcome to this edition of Shut Up Tim!: A Podcast By Robby
Episode 68: All by himself!
This is the third and final week of our attempted podcast experiment. This week JP has a mental breakdown and has a "Fight Club" air quotes, style conversation with himself. Oh common that's not really a spoiler that movie came out in '99. Would you have preferred I compared it to Psycho instead? Our favorite fire crotch answers some steamy hate mail, and does the dance of the toy soldiers from the nut cracker. Fun Fact JP was once asked to help lead a team of caribou by a large fat man who has an infinity for children. Well at least it can't be worse then the other ones! From his mouth to your brain! Enjoy or not… whateva…

(Tim is way to "important" and "busy" to write these descriptions himself so instead they have been written by me, Mr. Christopher G Kolk Esquire. Tim is holding me hostage in his basement, my only communication with the outside world are these blurbs. He doesn't even let me listen to the episodes he just expects me to guess what the content is. Please someone help me)

Episode 68:All By Himself

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