Thursday, February 18, 2010

Episode 30: Madone

Yo, check it! In this edition of Shut Up Tim!: A Podcast By Robby, they are not pointing any fingers, but a technical issue *cough*MADONE*cough* made the first 12 minutes of this episode go bye-bye. But worry not for Madone because there are no pink slips here! Not yet! So what you missed in 12 minutes is a discussion about Chat Roulette, a number one fan contest and the reading of an e-mail. Thanks again Lily, Tim and Robby will make up for it next week. But moving on, the guys were joined by Engineer Madone this week and they covered pop culture including Roger Ebert, the winter olympics and Batman. Also they play Game On! and learn more about Engineer Madone.
As always enjoy or not... whateva.

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