Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Episode 12: Kanye's a Douche

Yo, check it. In the continuing adventures of the main characters (Tim and Robby), they get a whole lot less gay(mostly). They add a girl to the mix when Jules joins the gang to chat all about the total douche bag (Jackass if you ask Obama) Kanye West, New Show Glee, RIP Patrick Swayze, Questions for a Girl, Taller or Smaller, and all the coochie and wee-wee talk you would ever want. Check out Jules' Blog: JustJules. Also the clip from Break This City was from their Episode 27, check it out! That is all. Enjoy or not. Whateva...
(right click to download if your using the PC way of doing things)

Also check out these pictures we found created from a 6 year-old fan.

Also here is some nobody's ultra homo-riffic skinny jeans.


look for a new dance video later this week!!!

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